Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Weally Wordful Wednesday

well, it is very weird having this "break" from the computer imposed upon me. Josh took the day off work today so I have the computer at home. (I should say that while he took the day off from his "normal" job at the school he has spent most of the day working with his dad. Silly boy!) Anyway, I finally realized that I have a computer and after about 10 minutes on it I didn't know what to do. STRANGE!! So I'm writing a post. I have pictures of the girls' shamrocks from yesterday but I'm not sure where the camera is so can't post those. We learned a bit about St. Patrick and Ireland yesterday. Then we coloured the Irish flag and map. And coloured and glittered a shamrock. I taught them how to use the shamrock to learn about God. God the Father, God the Son, God the Holy Spirit, Three in One.

I bought some new school books the other day because Beka want to do some school and I thought these would be perfect for her. Ends up they are more Emma's level. Still need to find some books for Beka. But I do copy some of Emma's and let her have fun. Anyway, one of the books in the series (A-B-C series, Rod and Staff Publishers, Inc) is Bible stories to Read. And it comes with a colour picture/activity for each story. So we do these together as a group. Even Catie. the first story was "The Bible is From God" And it had a cute little song to go with it. The girls have been singing it since we learned it. I'll have to catch it on tape for you.

Nanny and Poppy finished the couch. they finished it last week but Josh was finally able to go get it yesterday. (Have I talked about how incredibly busy Josh has been? No? Well, he has. Two nights this week he hasn't gotten home until after 7:30) It looks nice. Not quite so pink as the chair which is weird since it is the same fabric. Still not quite so red as I want. So I've pulled out all my red and blue fabrics and need to make some pillows. I also grabbed my old red/white checked shirt and found some cute red and white kitchen towels to make more pillows. so even though my house (as always. does anyone know of a self-cleaning house or children who pick up behind themselves?) needs some tidying I am going to sew up some pillows. I figure by the time Beka wakes up I should have 6 or 7 ready to stuff. The girls will enjoy that part I'm sure. =)

Well, I'm off to sew. Pictures to come.

p.s. my new cooktop has been ordered and should be installed next week. Did I tell you that it now has cracks all over it and I worry every time I use it? It does. and I do. =)

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