Friday, March 27, 2009


So, I started cleaning house yesterday. Everything in the main rooms was basically tidy. So, I started on my couch pillows. I have an embroidery that I did a year or two ago and I want to make a pillow with it. So I checked in my craft room. Then I decided to clean my craft room. And then I decided that my craft room needs more shelves. I remembered that Floyd had brought some shelves over a couple months ago so I decided to use them. But they were dirty and didn't match so I painted them. Then it was time for youth group then out to dinner. ($10 steaks. YUMMY!) Not much got done this morning before the swim carnival. Then we came home very tired so took a nap. Now I should be doing the house cleaning and getting dinner ready but instead I decided to make Emma's birthday invitations. Her birthday is a week from tomorrow after all.

Here's my question: Is this procrastination or ADHD? LOL ;)

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grammynurse said...

Great invitation! I know! What am I doing up at this time of day? Been sleeping very well but tonight, NO. My last day of class!!!

If you got this from Dad it's procrastination. From me -- it's METTDBCC - more enjoyable things to do besides cleaning and cooking.