Friday, March 6, 2009

Happy Birthday Mom!!

Today, Friday the 6th of March is Mom's birthday!! Happy Birthday Mom! We love you.

I am so not into computers right now. Our regular computer has died. Hopefully Josh will revive it and save ALL my photos from the last 4 years. I really do need to save those on cd/dvd or something. Anyway, since the photos are locked in that computer I can't add a photo of Mom for her birthday. I'm sure she is very disappointed. =)

Our media computer is being kinda stupid as well. So I can't always let the girls watch Playschool or a dvd. Oh well, less tv is always good, right? And today Josh has left his work laptop home so I can use it. But I couldn't figure out his password and had to call him. Then I couldn't get it to connect to the internet and had to call him again. And then once it was doing all the right things I accidentally first published this post with only the title. Laptops annoy me.

ANYWAY, on to nicer things. Today Josh and I are leaving with the Young Adults to go to the Sunshine Coast for the weekend. The girls are going to Grandma's for the weekend. They are very excited. And I am hoping for some good sleeping time. Tomorrow afternoon I'm planning on shopping in Montville. Can't wait for a bit of retail therapy. I do need to finish some laundry before then and get some of the food ready. I spent about $175 on food so that's still less than $4 per person per meal. hopefully I got enough.

Had the glucose test yesterday. Didn't eat from 9 Wed. night until noon Thursday. How can they do that to a pregnant woman? Got my blood drawn three times. The second time she tried on the left arm that she had used first. Couldn't get anything so dug around a bit. Didn't hurt at the time but now I have a big sore bruise. So I got stuck twice on both arms. oh well, I survived and hopefully it will only be good news.

I think fall is slowly arriving here. The mornings are so nice and cool. They warm up quickly but they start out SO NICE!! I was out doing laundry at 6:30 this morning and actually felt the tiniest bit chilly!

Well, I'd better get on to the laundry and food prep. Then packing. The girls had their suitcases packed within 10 minutes of getting up this morning. =)

Love you, Mom. Hope you have a GREAT day!! Sorry about the whole police thing on Wednesday. very annoying. =)

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Saminda said...

Hey Tamra,
Hope you and Josh have a great and RESTFUl weekend away. :) SOunds so good!
Yay too to the cooler mornings, hooray! Oh, and sometimes it really bugs me that we don't have a regular tv - computers can be so temperamental and just not work when you need them to! No dvd's are better, but sometimes so convenient :) Catch up soon.