Thursday, March 26, 2009

Good morning!

As I write this it is just after 7 am, everyone else is still asleep! and it is a nice cool drizzly gray morning outside. I love it. I'm drinking iced tea and eating a chocolate chip cookie (quick/easy carbs). I believe I'll make oatmeal when everyone gets up. It's that kind of a morning. I probably should start it now so that Josh can have some and not be late to work.

We've got a busy weekend coming up. We're (the girls and I) home today and need to do a little homeschool catch up from yesterday and clean the house. My floor hasn't been mopped in a GREAT while. And I need to finish sewing up my couch pillows. Tonight the girls are headed to Grandma's for the evening as Josh and I go out to eat with Steve and Jennie. Steve's birthday was Tuesday and Josh's is Monday so this is an annual thing we do. Not that it's that much different from the other times we go out to eat. =) Tomorrow is the swimming carnival for school so we'll be at the pool from 10 - 2. Tomorrow night I'm having a Body Shop party. Then on Saturday we are having an afternoon tea/birthday party for Josh at the park. So far we have 24 people coming and possibly up to 60!! So I need to make some light foods for that. Sunday is church, of course. Monday is Josh's birthday and I have a clinic appointment and Josh has a dentist appointment. That slows us down just enough to focus on Emma's birthday next Saturday. =) Thankfully school holidays start on her birthday. Josh will have two weeks off.

Okay, the girls are up and having a chocolate chip cookie so I'm off to make some oatmeal.

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