Thursday, March 12, 2009


I still have no computer except when Josh brings home the laptop. Here's a brief snapshot of our week
  • We were supposed to get a visit from Cyclone Hamish on Wednesday so it has been windy, rainy, gray and cool all week.
  • Hamish decided to head back north instead of coming down here.
  • We've been stuck in the house all week.
  • So far it's okay.
  • Went shopping today to get out of the house.
  • Found a super cute, soft little romper for the baby so had to buy it of course.
  • Spent $35 on flower and veggie seedlings at Bunnings.
  • Planted them this afternoon in the rain because that way I wouldn't have to water them in. =)
  • Catie and Emma were "freezing" but wanted to help plant. So they put jumpers on and stayed out and planted.
  • It wasn't that cold.
  • I'd better go as it is 6:30 and the stew and cornbread are just about done. Perfect meal for a cool rainy day.
p.s. I feel the baby move a lot now. And no tummy pics yet because I'm still 3 kg down in weight since I got pregnant so look pretty much the same. So not really much of a tummy to take a pic of that isn't just fat. =)

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