Tuesday, March 31, 2009

More pictures

okay, this picture was supposed to be below the baby pictures but I accidentally deleted it and unless I wanted to re-upload all the photos it has to go on top. Sometimes I get really frustrated with Blogger. Anyway, here's the re-upholstered couch. Along with 7 of the 13 pillows I made.

best 3D photo of the baby. He wouldn't keep still.

baby profile

my favourite pillow. Such an easy embroidery. Did it in one night but looks so cute. That red check pillow on the right? Made out of my old (like 12 years old from American Eagle) shirt. It was so simple and has buttons on the other side that I didn't have to sew on or make buttonholes for.

more pillows on the futon. I need to make a few more but I want them bigger and in a different pattern. 10 of the 13 pillows were made with fabric I already had. All I had to buy was the set of 3 kitchen towels and the stuffing. Less than $30 for 13 pillows. Not bad. I also want to make a cover for the futon but want a red/white check similar to the pillow on the couch or the strip on the quilt on the couch.


The Wandering Woman said...

Hey girl...I have 3 small pillows I need cases for! I'll stinking pay you to make me some that look half as good as the ones you made for your couch! You are one crafty lady!

Love ya,


grammynurse said...

Is the quilt on the back of the couch like the one you gave me? Do you want mine to make pillows or put on the futon? I wondered if owhen I saw the photos on thFB if the baby was moving alot. Couldn't figure out what you had for your picture - soo blurry. I'm glad I had gone ahead and checked it out. Thanks for sharing?