Wednesday, November 19, 2008

update for mom

**Update: See, they dried clear. I think they are so cute. of course I'm a little biased.

yes, they are still wet with modpodge. All that white will dry clear. Three are for gifts and three are mine. I don't know if you could tell in the other post but the one with two pictures of the girls on them have their names and the year on one side of the block.

I don't remember where I saw the idea (bad blogger I know). Someone had done something similar with 1 or 2 inch blocks. I have some of those so bought the screw eyes but when I got home I decided I liked these big blocks better.

Blocks-ones Dad cut for me in August--left over from the nativity scene blocks
Paint-already had in the shed--left over from a project that I'm waiting on Josh's help to finish.
Ribbons/ric-rac-from my stash--the ric rac was sent to me by Mom recently. I LOVE ric rac. (on a side note how do you spell that? ric rac, ric-rac, rick-rack, etc.)
Photos-all 9 printed out on one piece of regular copy paper at school--$1.00
Screw eyes-bought from Big W--$2.00 (less actually I just don't remember the exact cost.)
Stickers/rub-ons-from the never ending stash.

Not bad for $.33 each. =)


grammynurse said...

Thanx for shaing. Adorable. Where did you find all that talent??

Yen said...

WOW! Such beautiful photos:)