Saturday, November 1, 2008

bedroom and boo boo

hmmm...Blogger put my pics in reverse order. Oh well. As you can see I've broken my cook top. =( I went to get the salt out of the cupboard above the stove and it dropped out and broke the cooktop.

And my bedroom. with messy unmade bed. =) We went with oyster linen 1/2 strength. And I love it. I also painted the bedside table and the one just like it out in the front room. I used a matte black spray paint and it was so easy and I love the way it looks. I tried red in the one from the front room but the only red I could get was a glossy red. It looked fantastic on the drawers and top but horrible on the sides. So I went with black.

I've got more pics of projects and stuff to come. But I'm off to take my cinnamon rolls out of the oven, bread out of the bread maker and head to the Sauvageot's for breakfast and then maybe out to the park. (and probably a little stove top shopping too. ) =) Have a great weekend!!

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grammynurse said...

That will make me more careful of my cooktop!!