Sunday, November 23, 2008


Just a quick post. I'll post more tomorrow.

Catie was playing on the playground after church and jumped off the top of the slide and broke her arm. They want to take her to theatre to set it so that will happen in a couple hours around 6 pm. She'll stay in hospital overnight and come home tomorrow. The break is in her forearm, a bit below the elbow, both bones. She'll have a long cast from fingers to upper arm.

She's doing really well. She's already spoken with the anesthesiologist (sp?) and he was WONDERFUL!! He put an iv thingy in (candula?) and she didn't even flinch. She said she was looking forward to seeing him in theatre. LOL I think the codeine is making her woozy. =)

Anyway, it's all good. She'll be fine. We'll post pics tomorrow. not of the arm because I can't even look at the x-rays let alone the arm. And Josh has to do sound system for youth service tonight so I'll be the one in theatre with her. =( anyway, thanks for prayers.


grammynurse said...

Sounds like Catie and Meghan will have a lot to talk about
So sorry to hear of this. Makes me want to fly right over. Catie must be a fighter or like you said the codeine got her

grammynurse said...

This is the only way to write to you while at work. Called Dad at 1215 A to tell him about Catie. He tried to call but you were probably all at the hospital. Thinking about you all during the night. Will keep looking for updates. Give Catie an extra cuddle when she wakes up. This will be a hard week for all of you. Hopefully she will have no more pain than I did. Loveyalots

Tanya said...

Give Catie hugs and kisses from us...I hope everything has gone well and that Catie keeps liking her meds :-)

Debbie said...

Poor little thing!!! I feel so bad for her. Sounds just awful. So much worse than Meghan. Shh, dont tell Meghan I said that ;) Wish we could come and see her. Lots of hugs love to her ... and all the rest as well.
We miss you!