Tuesday, November 11, 2008


My kitchen is a mess. I need to do the dishes. But I cut my finger at church on Sunday. So it hurts to do the dishes. And I haven't gone to the grocery store yet this week so haven't bought gloves. So, I'm putting off doing the dishes.

My schoolroom is looking good. Floyd found the set of offices from Josh's school days, cleaned up, brought them over and set them up. Then he found out that Josh was doing a little procrastinating in putting shelves in my new cupboard so he put the shelves in for me. I painted the outside of the cupboard before he did that and did one coat on some parts of the inside. I was really excited to put my stuff in the cupboard and finally be a little organized. So, I put all the stuff in the cupboard and am putting off doing the rest of the painting.

My laundry is doing a bit of piling up. But it's been rainy. So, I'm taking the laundry to the laundry lady tomorrow and getting her to do it for me.

Christmas is only 6.5 weeks away. And I have gifts to make. Some gifts need to be made and then mailed to the States. So, I've moved crafting up on the priority list.

We have a new associate pastor and family coming from the Philippines. Their house is totally unfurnished. So, Jennie and I are going op shopping today.

My children have been "cleaning" Beka's room for 2 hours now. So, I'm getting off the computer to go help motivate them. =)

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