Monday, November 3, 2008

a little funny...

well, it's funny to me anyway. Growing up in Texas I learned to call any carbonated beverage "coke". At a restaurant a conversation would go like this:

Patron: I'd like a coke please
Waiter: what kind of coke?
Patron: ummm....Dr. Pepper

Anyway, last night I asked Josh for some Coke. So while he was paying for petrol at the petrol station he bought some Coke. As he carried it out the girls got excited and said, "Daddy bought Pepsi". I told them that it was Coke but no, they know, it's Pepsi. Apparently to my carbonated beverage deprived children all carbonated beverages are Pepsi. Just the opposite of what I called it growing up. =)

p.s. this is my 203rd post. hmmm....that's a lot of rambling.
p.p.s. yes, my children are coke/pepsi/carbonation deprived. They've only ever drank coke like twice.
p.p.p.s. there's another word from my high school days in TX. "like" now that's like a whole different post. like, really!

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