Monday, November 24, 2008

Christmas has arrived!

Grandpa came over on Saturday to install a light over the offices in our school room. While he was up in the attic he found the box of Christmas decorations that we couldn't find last year. He brought them down and the girls were overjoyed. They immediately emptied the container. And put it all on my piano and chair. =) Guess we've got to talk Josh into bringing out the tree. And I need to figure out where the other decorations are going to go. I'm very excited myself actually. This is the container with the "made by Grammy" Christmas stockings and tree skirt along with most of my Christmas kitchen towels and placemats and pot holders and my Texas snowman table runner and some of my cute stuffed snowmen. Josh couldn't find it last year (of course that could be because I told him that it was a big cardboard box that said "Christmas" on the outside) and I was sad because it was one of only two boxes of Christmas stuff that can't be replaced. (the other is my box of ornaments sent to me by my Grandma most years as I grew up. Mostly Beatrix Potter. So cute and so very fragile.) I know that Thanksgiving is on Thursday and we will celebrate it with the S's and our new pastor and family but since the rest of Australia doesn't celebrate Thanksgiving I reckon (there's an American word for ya) that I can put up the Christmas decorations now. =)

Sorry the pictures are a bit weird. Someone (probably me but you never know) changed the setting on the camera. I lightened the pics up in Koday EasyShare but it made them look a little funny.

P.S. Don't you love the option of scheduled posting? I wrote this over the weekend so I'd already have something for Monday. Of course who knew at the time that I'd have such exciting news as a broken arm! We'll be back later with pics of Catie and her cast.

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grammynurse said...

Soooo happy Floyd found that container. I had been trying to decide if I should make more stockings, but just hadn't fully decided what to do. Are they in good repair. Thalnk Floyd for me. Waiting for pictures but know it is sill nighttime. Hoping you are getting that sleep.