Monday, November 17, 2008


well, life is interesting around here lately. busy as it always tends to be this time of year. Beka has taken to not sleeping very well. So I haven't been sleeping well. For instance, she still wasn't asleep at 9:00 last night so I put her on Josh's side of the bed and I went to sleep beside her. I woke up when Josh moved her. She woke up about half an hour later wanting to get back in our bed. I moved her to her bed and settled her. She woke up again about an hour later and was sitting on her bed crying when I went in. And that happened again about another hour later. Then at some point between 3:30 and 4:00 this morning she woke up and came in our room again. So I put her in bed between Josh and I. BUT since she has a runny nose she was snoring and having trouble breathing so I never got back to sleep. At 4:45 I had enough and got up. At least my craft room got cleaned. =)

Last week I had Trevor babysit the girls while Jennie and I went shopping. We have a new associate pastor coming from the Philippines and the house they were moving into is unfurnished. So we bought a bed and a table and kitchen stuff and towels and cleaning things, etc. Then on Wednesday we took the girls and Emily out to the house and got things set up. The rest of the week was fairly normal. BUT HOT!!! It's been very humid. Except for the times that it rains. and that is just often enough to make it really hard to get clothes dry. =) On Saturday Josh left around 6:30 am to go help some friends put the roof on their house. He got a ride with Steve. Then Jennie and I and our kids went out there to share lunch. I thought I was in the shade the whole time but ended up with a sunburn anyway. The girls and Josh had hats and sunscreen on so didn't burn. Sunday was church and it was good as usual. Today we've been grocery shopping and thankfully made it home before the rain started again. Tonight, Gwen is watching the girls while Josh and I go to the school's graduation dinner. Tomorrow Jennie and I and the girls (Emily included) might be making a trip to Bundaberg. We'll do a bit of shopping and then catch up with Marlana. Marlana is headed off to the States at the end of the week. She'll be gone for two months so I hope I can see her before she leaves. I think the rest of the week will be "normal". Saturday is the Sunday school picnic. That should be fun. The girls have been asking to go swimming lately.

In the next few weeks we have the youth group Christmas break-up, the ladies Christmas luncheon, Sunday school programme, school graduation/awards, Carols by Candlelight, etc. And too soon it will be VBS. Guess I need to finalize all that stuff and have meeting with my workers. Somewhere in there I need to finish making Christmas gifts too. And decide what to get Josh. I never know what to get him. I did finish one gift for a swap I'm in. That's the picture up the top.

Anyway, that's life for us at the moment. hot, busy, sleepy and a little bit cranky. =)

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