Thursday, July 24, 2008

Whatcha working on Wednesday

Leslie at My Country Home hosts Whatcha working on Wednesday. This is what I'm working on.
My kitchen was a complete disaster area yesterday but did I work on it? No. Instead I painted 4 frames, two little crates (I wouldn't have painted them but they were already painted a hideous orange colour), a clock backing (that's the big square. I only need paint around the edges, hence my "creativity" in the center.=) ) a sign, and the stand for the clock. I am going to sand the edges of the frames to distress them a little and probably sand a little all over just to take some of the gloss off. I couldn't find a matte red paint. I have a great print of a star with a berry garland that I'll use for the clock. The sign is for a bridal shower gift. I'm going to distress the crates a little and then hopefully find a vintage-y vegetable crate label for them. I'll use them for Jennie's garden theme baby shower and then in my kitchen.
Speaking of Jennie's baby shower I also made this nappy/diaper cake yesterday. It was good fun. Obviously the ultrasound on Tuesday confirmed it is indeed a little girl.

And then this is the big job of the month. Cleaning out the garage. Not very crafty but very necessary. And then I get to decorate it!! And while it looks really bad it is actually better than it was. In the painting picture you can see that Josh has almost completely cleared off his work table. And the piles of boxes are actually organized. They just need to be taken to the shed or stacked neatly in a corner. And there is a big pile of boxes that need to be taken to the tip/dump along with a few other things. The metal shelves are getting moved out to the shed as well.

That's it for today!! What are you working on??

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