Tuesday, July 8, 2008


So, we had a wonderful weekend. We travelled 5 hours to Toowoomba to visit our friends. It was such a relaxing fun weekend. J and I were able to visit Spotlight while Josh and C took the children to a park. We met at a restaurant, Montezuma's, for some wonderful Mexican food for lunch. After a lovely long nap (I woke up at 5 after laying down with Beka at 3) we had a light dinner and settled the children into bed. On Sunday I stayed home with the baby so J didn't have to take him out on a cold rainy day to the markets. We enjoyed lovely homemade scones for lunch made by C and E. Very yummy. After another relaxing restful afternoon (I didn't sleep this time but read a book) we ate a beautiful roast dinner made by J. We (the adults) got talking about our favourite desserts so J made caramel dumplings and lemon sponge pudding after the children went to bed. very nice!! J and I watched Battle of the Choirs and Private Practice. We headed to bed soon after that. I think the boys stayed up until 11 or so enjoying their last bit of WoW time. We got up at 7 Monday morning and headed 2 hours west to Brisbane to pick up the Sauvageot's (well, 5 of them anyway) from the airport. Then it was the 3.5 hour trip home. We extended that into more like a 4 to 4.5 hour trip home with a couple stops to eat, drink and/or use the facilities. =) We stayed at the Sauvageot's for a couple hours and helped them stay awake and eat pizza. Jennie did some unpacking and gave us some gifts. They brought the children some stamps and lip gloss, Josh got a couple t-shirts and I hit the jackpot. I got a Dallas Cowboys t-shirt, an Eeyore t-shirt that Susan sent back for me (thanks Susan, it is so adorable), a 24 pack of mint 3 Musketeers (YUMMY!!) and a gorgeous Willow Tree figurine that I've been wanting but is hard to find here. Thank you so much Sauvageot's!!

My plans are to put this figurine next to a picture of my Grandpa in his navy uniform. Well, if I can get Dad to email it to me. Hint, hint =)

This morning when I went out to check my front garden I found some surprises. This rose bush used to flower like crazy and would have 20 blooms on it at a time. But it hasn't bloomed hardly at all this year. I've been debating whether to just cut it back as I usually do in winter or take it out completely. Maybe it knew that it needed to do something but anyway when I went out there it had a beautiful bloom on it and a couple buds as well. It's kinda hard to see but it's a miniature rose.

and look!!! one of my pansies bloomed!! and it has another bud on the plant. and just so you know those aren't weird white spots but raindrops.

and this is my gorgeous double delight rose. This bush flowers like crazy but it grows like crazy too. I need to cut it back but it just keeps blooming. This bush is about 6 feet away from my front door but you can smell the roses when you walk out the door. mmmm....like raspberries.


grammynurse said...

Glad you are home and had such a wonderful weekend. Sometimes you just need that relaxation. Flowers are beautiful. Don't dig them up!!

The Wandering Woman said...

Oh my...I want that Willow Tree one! Oh how cute. I didnt even know they had that one. Glad you had a good weekend. Make sure you tell Steve how much we love him UPDATE blog! Love the flowers too!