Monday, July 21, 2008

Weekend ramblings

well, I forgot to ask Josh where the batteries are and haven't gotten to the cleaning of his table/workspace in the garage so haven't found them. So, no pictures of a nice clean back patio, the new grass that Gordon, our lovely neighbour, placed around the edges of the patio or the girls "helping" Gordon. I also don't have pictures of the large kookaburra we found dead in the corner of the backyard. not that I would have taken or shown you a picture of that. =) Thankfully, Josh came home to grab something from the garage and willingly spared a couple minutes to bury it.

We went mattress shopping on Saturday to find a single mattress for Beka. She really is too big for the cot/crib but there hasn't been a baby to kick her out of it. =) We suddenly realize after looking at 4 shops then going to the mall for a birthday gift for Josh's brother, Matthew, that it was 12:30. This week we didn't have youth group on Friday night like we normally do. Instead we planned it for 1:00 Saturday afternoon so we could go to some houses of people in our church and do some odd jobs for them. So, rather than take the children home and feed them lunch and put them down for naps as was the plan until we remembered youth group, we came home, grabbed what we needed for youth group, went to church, Josh got out, I drove to Hungry Jack's because we had to eat something and were out of non-frozen bread at home, waited 20 minutes!!! in the drive through, got a meal that I wasn't happy with (why doesn't the mega meal come with two whoppers as an option? who wants to eat a chicken sandwich with dill??? they used to come with two whoppers and whoppers are cheaper!!! Come on, HJ's, give us what we want!!) came back to church, fed the girls, kept three boys to do odd jobs around the church, sent everyone off, forgot to get the nappy wipes and extra nappies/undies/pull-ups before loaning the van to one of the groups, has to send Jake up to his house to get us the spare nappies and wipes we keep there, cleaned Beka up, cleaned Jake up from his "stack" on his bike (riding downhill one handed on a rocky dirt track!), finally got the church windows clean (note to self: all blue liquid cleaner is not window cleaner. also, all-purpose cleaner is not good for windows. it will smear. BADLY!!) served afternoon tea, came home, gave the girls showers, did some last minute bulletin stuff, went to Risser's house for Matthew's birthday, ate, played Taboo, came home, went to bed. (HA, beat that for a run-on sentence.) It was a good day though. Got new shoes for Catie and Emma that 1. they can put on by themselves 2. are cute enough for church and 3. are hardy enough to use anytime they need shoes. spent $90 at Big W!!! stuff adds up so quickly. At least it wasn't all shoes. =) Had a great group of kids come on Saturday to clean people's windows and cars and mow lawns. It was really fun to spend the evening with family. Jenni is home for a couple days before she heads off to Cedarville for 5 years. (Although I think she is planning to come home for a couple weeks at Christmas) Catie watched the football with Grandpa and fell asleep, Emma got in her bed and read herself to sleep. Not sure what happened with Beka but I think Grandpa put her in her bed and she went to sleep. We played through the whole stack of yellow cards for Taboo. Good fun.

Sunday was a good day. Steve preached in James Sunday morning. Before he went to the States we were up to James 3 but he preached an overview of the first two chapters yesterday. Very convicting sermon about making time to be holy. Putting the right things first. Doing and not just hearing. Knowing to do right and doing it. Then we had the Sauvageot's over for lunch. I made beef and vegetable stew and corn muffins. I have found the best recipe for cornbread here.(yesterday I only used about half the sugar and they were still really yummy.) Good thing Trevor and Susan aren't home because I wouldn't have had enough food if they had been. =) We miss them though. Choir was great. We haven't had choir the last couple months because our choir is very small and losing 2 people for 5 months, 2 people for 3 months and 1 for 1 month left us with a bunch of altos and one soprano. (why don't us altos ever get to go on holiday??) Anyway, with Steve, Jennie and Tim back we started choir practice again. I posted one of our songs yesterday. Still have it running through my head.

Well, that's quite a bit of rambling. I guess I really need to find the batteries, hey? Hope your week starts off right!!

p.s. the photo doesn't really have anything to do with this post but I found it quite funny.

p.p.s. Pray for Jennie. She is 36 weeks pregnant with this baby and just found out Thursday that she has gestational diabetes. Thankfully she hasn't had any problems so far and doesn't feel bad because of it and only has 4 weeks or less to go. Still, pray for there to be no complications.


grammynurse said...

What a weekend!!!!!!
I only worked and slept. That was calmer I'm glad it's you having so much to do. Love you lots. You need to get some rest. Is that possible as a Mom??

Tanya said...

so--trying to beat my run-on sentences, huh :-) sounds like you had a busy weekend--at least you had fun!