Thursday, July 24, 2008


very exciting!! we just ate our first snow pea. I was showing them to Josh because they have just gone crazy blooming this week. I found a 2 inch pea pod, pulled it off the plant and we ate it. Very yummy!! No pictures though. It's pouring rain outside.

I will however share photos of our pansies that I took the other day. Sorry for the blurriness. Hard to take photos of tiny little plants that turn their heads away from you. Plus I'm just not a great photographer. As I'm sure you've noticed. =) anyway, I love the ruffled one.

And these "stick trees" as Josh calls them?? Well, they are my maple trees. I saw a maple tree during the fall at Bunnings and wanted it so badly. Such gorgeous yellow, orange and red leaves. Which we don't really get here in QLD. BUT it was almost $200. So when I found them a few years younger but lots of dollars cheaper ($13 each plus shipping) I bought two. Now I need to plant them or actually have Josh plant them. I buy, he plants. It works well. =)


grammynurse said...

Way cool! Save some snow peas for me!

Kelly said...