Saturday, July 26, 2008

Random--as usual

Just a quick post today.
  • Josh took the 1930's husband quiz for fun. (He saw it on my blog) and he scored 114!!
  • we took a load of rubbish out of the garage to the tip, some baby stuff to the S's, and the chairs out of my craft room over to some friends.
  • While I'm off to a bridal shower I think Josh is planning to move more stuff out to the shed!! YAY!!
  • i'll post pics of the garage soon. It is looking so much better.
  • we went a/c-heating shopping today. This is so we don't freeze mom and dad in the garage. =)
  • We bought Beka a big girl mattress today. She has graduated from the cot to the mattress on the floor. Guess I'd better get her quilt done. Course I need to actually start it first. =)
Better go keep working while Josh is delivering stuff. Hope you have a productive weekend!! =)

1 comment:

Saminda said...

Must be so fun to be cleaning out the garage Tamra..... and the decorating bit will be even better. :) I didn't realise you were turning it into guest quarters. How fun! Bet you're incredibly excited to have your M and D arriving SO soon.

Have a great week, I'm thinking of you.