Tuesday, July 29, 2008

I got the laundry all folded while watching The Farmer Wants a Wife and Criminal Minds. YAY!! I also spent most of the day yesterday finishing a project I started 5-6 months ago. We sing out of the "yellow book" on Sunday nights at church. It is basically a collection of choruses that we've typed out the words. It has a yellow cover hence the name. Anyway, Steve and Jennie wanted some new songs added to it. No one had the disk with the original songs on it so I started from scratch. Plus I wanted to put it in Publisher because I like Publisher better (2003 not 2007. I hate 2007. And yes, everyone I know thinks Word is better so please don't tell me that. I don't like Word.) With Publisher I knew I could type the songs in the order I wanted them and the computer and printer could figure out how to print them in the correct order. (Yes, I've heard Word does that too but I don't like Word!!) Anyway, I got through the original 255 songs and added about 30 more then hit a song that I wasn't sure how to type out. "Wonderful Grace of Jesus" awesome song but that chorus is kinda tricky to type without the music. And no one here knows the song and it makes it that much worse. Anyway, I put it all aside and left it while the Sauvageot's were in the States. I pulled it out yesterday and finished it. It now has 329 songs. The worst part was the index. I should've just put the songs in alphabetical order to begin with. HArdest thing was that I changed some of the original songs from their original order and lost the paper that told me which ones. So while I had the new songs in front of me with their numbers written on the page I had to painstakingly go back through page by page and remember which songs had which numbers and put them into an index in the same file. I finally opened the file on Josh's laptop and went through page by page to see the names of the songs and the numbers while typing them into the index on the file I had open on the desktop. Sound confusing?? It was and very very very slow. But it's done now. Jennie is proof reading it for me and Josh is in charge of printing and binding. oh..."Wonderful Grace of Jesus" ?? I ended up just scanning the music in as song number 329.
It's been very chilly here the last few days and nights. The rain had something to do with that but today is bright and sunny but cool in the shade and a very cool breeze. I was even cold in bed last night so I've decided that the garage is probably going to be too hard to keep warm. Instead I will finish clearing out the craft room and move all that stuff into the room formerly known as the garage and now to be known as the homeschooling/computer repair area. Mom and Dad will be more comfortable in the craft room with insulated walls and carpeted floors. It's smaller but it'll have to do. Friends of ours have offered the use of their queen size spare bed for Mom and Dad to use. Which will be nicer than the double size futon bed they were going to be using. And it also means I can use my queen size flannel sheets too. Of course after changing the plans it will probably be hot the whole time they are here. =)
Speaking of them being here, they will be in the air exactly one week from right now!! How soon is that?!?!?! Hmmmm....do I do all the big cleaning jobs that never get done before they come or wait and have Mom's company while I do them??
We have a guest speaker from Union, South Carolina at our church this week. He also brought his son and a man from the church. Steve asked us to provide their evening meal on Thursday so they will be coming over here. Yesterday Steve called and asked if I could subsitute teach for the prep teacher on Friday. I said no problem. The girls will go with me. I'll put Beka in pre-prep and keep the other two in the prep class. Today I met with the teacher to find out what they're working on. She informed me that actually it is Thursday not Friday. So I'll have to have the house in order tomorrow so that we aren't scrambling around after school on Thursday before the men get here. It made planning dinner Thursday easier though. Something that can go in the crockpot/slow cooker. So I'm doing BBQ pork sandwiches.
Saturday I've been invited to a Tupperware party. Gwen is also attending and asked if she could pick the girls up on her way home and have a sleep over. Hmmmm....let me see...YES!!! of course. anytime!! So, I've invited a couple ladies over last minute for a ladies evening. Should be fun.
Well, that's enough rambling. Don't have any photos that really go with this post. Oh well. Have a great day!!

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