Thursday, July 3, 2008


  • We love our couch. This was yesterday morning. The girls were watching Playschool and Josh was just waking up. =)
  • I am such a klutz. I somehow managed to fall over yesterday and roll one ankle, twist that knee and land on the other knee taking the skin off and bruising it. Such a dork!!
  • Emma and Beka stayed with my friend Roseanne on Tuesday while we took Catie to Brisbane. From the state of their clothes I could tell they had a marvelous time. I should've taken pictures of their shirts--dirt, glitter, glue, cupcake batter, marker,etc. It all came out though. And they haven't stopped talking about their day and want to go back soon.
  • The girls got a package from Grandma Gwen yesterday. Oh the joys as they ripped into it. Activity books, blow up frogs, stamps, stickers, crayons. Thank you Grandma. These will keep the girls occupied on their trip to Toowoomba tomorrow.
  • It got down to 9 degrees Celsius here last night. Positively freezing for QLD. =) It is so nice and deliciously chilly. And it was down to 5 in Toowoomba last night. Josh really is going to freeze this weekend. Better pack heaps of long sleeved layers for him.
  • I have another 3 blooms on my strawberry plant. And my snowpeas are 10 - 12 inches tall now. They are climbing up the fence nicely. I have one daisy. No roses yet but the bushes are sure growing.
  • We're heading up to the Sauvageot's to check out the state of their house for their homecoming on Monday. We can't wait to see them. The girls are very excited.
  • I got my bread maker working again so have been making cinnamon rolls like crazy. But only when there are other people to help eat them. =)
  • Hmmm....I'm sure we have plenty more random things but I'd better save them for another day.
  • Unless something extremely interesting happens today I won't be posting again until Tuesday. Have a great weekend and an awesome sparkly 4th of July!!

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grammynurse said...

ave a fun trip! Will miss your blogs. But I know it is toatally awesome to be without phone service and computers - if only for two days