Wednesday, July 30, 2008


So, this is what my craft room looks like right this minute. What a relief. I'm feeling inspired to create!! =) And because I needed to do something a little more creative than cleaning I did two things. The first is barely noticeable but I enjoyed it. I was looking for a ribbon for the cow toy the girls are giving Jennie. (You can see it on top of the wire basket stacker next to my tall dresser) I pictured a big pink or red ribbon/bow. The only big ribbon I had was a light blue. I know that little girls can have blue things but I just wanted a pink or red. So remembering what I've read somewhere in blog land, I took my blue ribbon and a packet of black cherry kool aid and some boiling water and voila, I have a beautiful red ribbon.

This is my next creative endeavour. And it went over quite nicely thank you very much. =)

And this is what the garage looks like at the moment. I'm sure you noticed that the craft room doesn't really look ready to be a guest room. Well, that's because after talking a little to Mom and doing some measuring in the craft room I have decided to use my woman's prerogative to change her mind and switch back to my original plan of using the garage as a guest room. =) It is looking better you just can't tell from photos. Josh's table has been moved and a dresser put in its place. The shelves are being cleared and moved. The stack of boxes in the corner is waiting for someone tall to take them out to the shed. And there's a few posters and Chinese lantern-y things waiting to be put up.

Most exciting of all is that Mom and Dad will be here this time next week!! YAY!!!

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