Thursday, February 26, 2009

weekly ramblings

so, there's so many things to write about but then when I sit down I can't think of what to write. --excuse me, gotta go unlock the back door so a child can throw her pull-up away in the bin-- okay, I'm back. see, life just keeps moving on and the same old things happen most days.

Sunday--pretty normal Sunday. Larry Sauvageot preached for the last time as they headed back to the States on Wednesday. (Mom, I sent a little something back with them for you because they are in Flower Mound next weekend. So make sure you catch up with them.) The school is using the church building for a few weeks so every Sunday night after church the guys (and some of the ladies, too) change the auditorium to a classroom. I always claim Emily as my job for the evening. =)

Monday--ummm...don't remember what happened Monday. oh yeah, I cleaned the house except for the girls' bedrooms. Then I had a Tupperware party on Monday night. I was just hosting it so that my friend Roseanne could do her first Tupperware demo. And so that I could have some ladies over for fellowship. Ends up I got over $200 worth of free product. Can't complain about that!!!

Tuesday--woke up barely able to walk. So Josh stayed home for the morning because I had no milk, bread or cereal. And I had to go the grocery store. By this time I could walk, my back was just sore. We all went to the store and spent way over my weekly budget. Oh well. Then we headed to the pool for swimming lessons. Even though Josh was in the water with Emma she still cried most of the time. At dinner we gave her the option of not finishing her swimming lessons but that meant that only Catie would be going to the pool on Tuesday afternoons. She decided to keep trying the lessons.

Wednesday--Jennie and Emily came over for a few hours. The school is being required to write and hand in a document showing how the ACE curriculum fits with the national education standards. The most frustrating part for Jennie and I is that it is all written in language that no one really uses. We have to read through it, decipher what it means, figure out which of our objectives meets that goal and then rewrite our objective in their language. FRUSTRATING!!! We didn't actually get anything done yesterday but by the end Jennie knew where to start.

Thursday/Today--So far, we've cleaned Beka's room. I also made some Betty Crocker blueberry muffins (on sale at the store this week) and a simple syrup so that we can squeeze some lemons and make lemonade. I might throw in the last orange we have too. I also need to get some yeast from the store because I tried a bread recipe yesterday but it didn't rise at all. I think that yeast is at least 6 months old so that is probably the problem. I also need to get some pancake mix from Nana's Pantry for Saturday morning. And while I'm there I might grab a can or two of Dr. Pepper and maybe some Cherry Coke. =)

Friday--Not sure what we'll do besides the normal stuff during the day. Tomorrow night we have the junior youth (ages 9 -13) overnight activity. I'm thinking we have about 6 leaders for 12 kids so I'm hoping to stay home with the girls. Then we'll just get up and go in to make pancakes on Saturday morning.

Saturday--After making pancakes for the youth, I'm headed up to the S's for Susan's Tupperware party. I'll have to find something to buy since I got everything on my list from my party. They have these super cute containers that are made for using in the freezers. But what I like about them is that they have snowflakes embossed on the sides and RED lids. So cute. But they are $65!! And as I mentioned before I have no money left in my weekly budget. What to do??

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