Friday, February 27, 2009


update: so found some super cute fabric by the same company that makes the snail, turtle, frog, etc. fabric. see! super cute. But anyway, I'm thinking maybe add these tone-on-tone fabrics in so it isn't quite so busy?

first off, click on the picture to make it bigger and see it better.

So I have 5 fabrics and this set up is 6x5 (obviously, I know you can count) Anyway, that means (again, obviously) one square of each fabric per line. So should I just do it in lines like this or try to mix it up? And actually, after measuring it against the brown blanket I am going to make it either 7x5 or 7x6. so, do I keep the lines?

edited to add** do I need to find more fabric like this or this and add it?

And, yes I know that Beka needs her blanket before the baby does but this one will be completed quicker giving me a little bit of crafting satisfaction.

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grammynurse said...

Good dquestion!!I like the rows but then I like quilts with no rhyme or reason also. The problem with the latter is that invariably you end up with some pieces together so then you end up putting it in a pattern of some kind anyway... Did that make sense? I just woke up! Did you try it random? I was going to ask about Beka's Thought maybe it was finished :) But the sense of accomplishment is needed and helps spur you on.