Sunday, February 15, 2009

Chocolate pudding, updated!!

So, I found the recipe I was looking for. I knew the one I had didn't have dry milk powder in it. Yeah, it was in one of my cookbooks. "Make-A-Mix" by Karine Elliason, Nevada Harward & Madeline Westover. Love that book. We can't get Bisquick over here but they have a quick mix that is just like it. And it's cheaper. And their meatball mix is so yummy. By the way, I just checked out that link and it is a newer version of my cookbook. If you have it or know someone who does I want the recipe for that YUMMY looking pie on the front. I don't have it in mine.

Anyway, I'm home alone tonight after not feeling well all day. Josh took all 3 girls to church this evening!! So I made up the mix and then made up a batch of pudding. It's cooling on the stove now. I can't wait!! =)

Guess what!! My poor old couch died a long time ago. It started ripping within a month of us buying it. So we've bought a couch cover that works but doesn't really fit. We checked out the cost of recovering it but that was going to cost almost as much as the couch cost new. But Nanny and Poppy Hadfield have offered to re-cover it for us. So this week I'm off to buy fabric and then we'll take the couch and fabric and my little rocker/recliner to them. I'm so excited. Our couch and the recliner are so comfortable but look so bad. YAY!!! And probably for 1/10 of the cost!! DOUBLE YAY!!

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grammynurse said...

YAY is right. So happy for you!I'm sorry that I didn't think I could do it when there last year.