Thursday, February 12, 2009

Laundry...triumphs and tragedies

Triumph #1
earlier this week you couldn't walk into the laundry room without stepping on (lots and lots of) clothes.

Triumph #2
I put up my new curtain from Mom. so cute.

The other curtains are going here. I taped them up to try them out but they fell down. But there is a 3-4 inch gap between the reg. door and the screen door so I need to get a curtain rod to go in there and then I'll put them up. Thanks, Mom.

Tragedy #1 Still have heaps to fold.
The rain means these clothes have been on the line for two days. plenty of extra rinse cycles. =) Hopefully later today they'll finally be dry.

Tragedy #2
This is my couch right now. And that is after folding a basket and a hamper full of clothes plus whatever I could reach off the couch from where I was sitting last night. The girls' piles had gotten quite high and they get overwhelmed trying to put lots of clothes away so I stopped. But those are put away so now I need to finish this before those others on the line come in.

But finally, I have one load in the wash and none in the hampers. YAY!!! It's only taken me a month to completely catch up. Now to keep up with one load a day.

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