Wednesday, February 18, 2009


  • I asked Josh to let me sleep in for one hour while he got up with the girls since I didn't sleep well.
  • He did.
  • But the girls played in Beka's room and were very very loud so I didn't really get anymore sleep
  • Beka (as normal) was poopy this morning.
  • But Josh changed her. =)
  • It poured rain today.
  • But the girls went out and played in it anyway.
  • Then I gave them a shower. Clothes change #2 for the day.
  • And it isn't raining anymore.
  • So I took advantage of the wet (read: sopping, waterlogged) soil and pulled weeds out of my garden in preparation for re-planting.
  • My backyard looks like a jungle because in the 3 weeks since it was last mowed it has rained too much to get it mowed again but the rain helps the grass grow really, really fast.
  • I still send the girls out to play even when the grass is almost to their knees in some spots.
  • Beka decided to do a poo in her undies at the beginning of nap time. So frustrating. Clothes change #3.
  • Beka then had a really long nap.
  • And woke up sopping wet. Clothes change #4.
  • Time to change my sheets as well.
  • Still doing one load of laundry a day. laundry room floor is still empty. But couch is a little full as I don't feel like folding clothes of an evening.
  • I'm 14 weeks pregnant. Aren't I supposed to be over the tired, sick, hungry part of this?
  • Josh is bringing home dinner since nothing sounds good to me. =)
  • Then we have Bible study at the Spross'.
  • Speaking of the girls, they have been playing in the sandpit. The sopping wet sandpit.
  • Cue clothes change #5. I think we'll make this a change into pj's to avoid clothes change #6. =)

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Debbie said...

Wow! sounds crazy! But fun nonetheless ;) I wish I could bring the kids over to share in the fun, and hang out with you.
PS - I wanna see some belly pics ;)