Monday, February 16, 2009

Fabric, tupperware, juggling and swimming. Oh My!!

Today is going very well. We had our homeschooling done by 10 this morning. Then we went shopping. There is a guy who comes a couple times a year and sets up shop in one of the major shopping centres and sells fabric super cheap. So I decided to check him out before making the drive to Bundaberg/Spotlight. Well, I found macro suede for only $7 a metre!! It originally sold for $40 a metre!!! And they had 20 metres so I bought it. Less than $150 to re-cover the couch and chair. Not bad, I say. Now I just need some webbing and some buttons to cover but I doubt they'll cost much. I also need Josh to get the trailer and take the couch and chair to Poppy's in the next day or two. I'm so excited.

Tonight, Roseanne is having a Tupperware party. As always, it isn't about the Tupperware but an evening of sitting around laughing, talking, eating with friends. Should be fun.

The girls have been quite funny lately. I need to write things down that they say and take more pictures and video. That way I can share it with you.

This week for Five In a Row (some of the homeschool curriculum we are using this year.) we are reading "Clown of God" by Tomie de Paola. It's a bit so/so being a legend and all but still interesting reading. Afterwards we watched some juggling on youtube. (in the process we also watched one of my favourite Cirque du Soleil routines on the trampolines. I posted it below if you want to watch.) The girls are fascinated but we have no hope of learning to juggle I think. =) Later this week we will do some stained glass art projects and make soup. We also checked out eggplants in the grocery store since they talk about him juggling with eggplants and the girls didn't know what they were. They wanted me to buy some and cook it but I told them I don't know how. Plus I'm not a big fan of their taste/texture.

So, tomorrow we have library in the morning and then swimming lessons in the afternoon. Pray that it doesn't rain and we can have the swimming lessons. Catie just jumped in this year and is so close to swimming. Emma cried through most of last week's lesson but Josh has promised to go with her this week.

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grammynurse said...

Sounds like a busy day. Good deal on the fabric. What color. I'm so excited for you.