Friday, February 13, 2009

Friday the 13th

I am so looking forward to this day. Have been all week.

at 10 the girls and I are headed to the Coffee Club for morning tea with friends. (my friends not their's) =) We'll meet Roseanne and Jennie (and Emily too I'm sure.) should be nice.

at 1 we are headed to the Hervey Bay Historical Museum to meet up with friends who are going through the museum with their homeschooling group. We're gonna tag along for fun. (side note: Josh and I had some wedding photos taken there as seen above.)

at 6 we are headed to our friends' house for dinner. They have a little 6 week old baby boy. That should be fun too. Plus we haven't caught up with them outside church for months.

It'll be a busy day but hopefully a fun one. Have a great weekend!!

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Kelly @ The Barefoot Mama said...

I'm in love with those wedding photos! That first one is awesome! Hope that you guys enjoyed a wonderful Valentine's Day and a restful weekend after your busy-ness, mama! :o)