Friday, January 16, 2009

Random Friday

  • I had weird dreams all night that had to do with VBS. not very good for actual sleep. =(
  • I'm hoping the house cleaning, child minding, laundry folding, massage giving fairies show up at my house next week.
  • I came down with a summer cold on Wednesday. YUCK!! Friends of ours has it too. I'm hoping the girls don't get it.
  • Speaking of the girls, it is 6:30 in the morning, Beka is watching BOZ and the other two are still asleep!!
  • So far this week at VBS our numbers look like this: Monday-86, Tuesday-97, Wednesday-100, Thursday-100.
  • Today is a big day. Regular times at VBS this morning but added water slide and bouncy castle. Pizza lunch for the workers, clean-up of the church and school, then time on the bouncy castle and water slide for the workers until it gets taken away. Then tonight at 7 is the Parents' Night. And between now and then I need to figure out what awards we're giving and possibly go buy more.
  • I've started working on next year's program. We're going to do an Aussie theme. I'm trying to tie it in with stories of God's provision to the children of Israel in the desert. We have absolutely no info on this. I'll be doing it from scratch. Which is why I've started now. =)
  • My garden is DEAD!!! The heat killed it. I think we'll till it all up and then come March plant some more. The sunflowers are all drying. We often have sulphur crested cockatoos eating the seeds in the morning.
  • Marlana, I have Catie's birthday party invite ready to send but haven't made it to the post office this week. It is next Sunday the 25th after morning church at our church. Hope you guys can make it.
Well, I think I am going to crash this weekend so I'll check back in next week!!

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