Sunday, January 4, 2009

It's me

okay, so I've been pretty slack. Everything seemed to happen so fast this year. Yes, I know that Christmas is the same day every year but still... School didn't finish until the 13th. Josh worked most of the following week and then suddenly it was Christmas. And along with that was all the Christmas things--Sunday school program, Carols by Candlelight, shopping, etc. Add to that the idea that I had that most of our gifts this year should be handmade or consumable and it got busy at the end. We kept things simple with the girls this year. They got their stockings which had breakfast, play money, a 4 color pen, and smelly stickers. Then they got two other gifts from us. One gift was books and then the other was actually a family gift. They got puppets (a puppet theatre is in the processes), dress-ups, and the table tent. Even though they didn't get much from us they still made out like bandits. =)

The year ended with the hottest day all year. yuck! And I had the flu! Double YUCK! 2009 was ushered in with yet another very hot, humid day. Think 90+ degrees and around 80% humidity. We spent the day inside with the a/c on. Thankfully it rained Friday and Saturday so it's much cooler now. Those hot humid days just suck the energy straight out of you.

VBS starts in 8 days. I spent quite a few hours on the computer this week getting stuff done. Then I spent about 3 hours in the school office yesterday printing and hole punching, etc. I tried laminating on their big fancy machine and it ate two of my papers. I couldn't figure out how to get them out so they are still inside the machine somewhere. I need to remember to have Josh check that today. I came home to do a bunch of laminating and gluing and cutting. The Sauvageot siblings came and helped out with that. I still have a few more things to do. And hopefully the guy writing the skits has them finished today. Nothing like waiting until the last minute, hey? He leaves for vacation on Tuesday so I guess I'll have them for sure by then.

This week--Monday Catie gets her cast taken off. Hopefully they won't need to put another one on. We've been praying every day for that. Also on Monday or maybe Tuesday we are headed to Bargara for lunch with friends. Possibly some swimming too so double hoping Catie won't have a cast. The rest of the week will just be staying cool and finishing everything for VBS. I think. =)

Check in with you later.

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