Monday, January 26, 2009

Australia Day

Today is Australia Day! I believe that would be more like Columbus Day rather than Independence Day. Either way it means a day off work. =) We started the day with breakfast at Hungry Jack's then a trip across the parking lot to Bunnings. Didn't get anything there though. Then we took a little drive (air conditioning!!) and ended up at Josh's parents' place. They were just about to leave to help someone move so he went with them and the girls and I stayed at their place and used their air conditioning and watched their satellite/cable/whatever tv. =) very nice. Then I brought the girls home for naps and now we are waiting on Josh to come home and we'll have dinner.

Tonight is a special night for my friend, Marlana. at 6pm (I think) she will take part in a citizenship ceremony and become an Australian citizen!! How exciting!! Congratulations, Marlana!!

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