Saturday, January 17, 2009

House cleaning fairies

Just thought I'd pop on here to say that 3 little and 1 tall, skinny cleaning fairies showed up today. =) After getting out of bed earlier than normal for a Saturday due to a phone call and short visit we decided to clean the house all together. (well, Josh and I decided...the girls weren't too thrilled.) We started in the front room and made it through the main room, the school room, Catie and Emma's room, Beka's room and the girls' bathroom. That means I just have the kitchen, my bedroom and Mt. Laundry to do. MUCH BETTER!!! Catie and Beka are sleeping now and Emma is laying down so I really should be doing those rooms now but the energy has left me. =)


Saminda said...

Glad to hear you're feeling more on top of things, Tamra. :) It was so good to see you yesterday! Looking forward to catching up again soon.

grammynurse said...

Amazing how easily and quickly the energy fades. One five minute rest and it's BOOM!! gone.
I'm glad you had help with the beginning. Many hands, even little ones, are helpful.