Friday, January 23, 2009

Goals revisited

So far I've only done some of the goals I had for the week
  • I finally realized the laundry needed help. So I took the majority of it to the laundry lady yesterday. $50 well spent.
  • Getting some homeschooling done this week. We've prepared snowman goodie bags and started snowman shirts to wear on Sunday.
  • hmmmm, haven't done the homeschool plan for the term yet. better get on that.
  • planning Catie's party is going well. I'm thinking it's going to rain so I need a Plan B that involves all inside activities. hmmm...30 people in my house....should be interesting.
  • I got all my thank you notes written and posted. YAY!!
  • still working on a schedule
  • reminded Josh today that I get "Tamra time" tomorrow night for the Body Shop party. can't wait
  • bought some cute Australia stuff for next year VBS. The girls have decided that they need to wear their hats and shirts now though. Hope we don't lose it before next January. (side note: Jennie's sister is doing an Aussie VBS at her church in July and will send us the stuff when they're done. PTL!!!)
  • Went to put away the VBS stuff at church and two of my containers are missing!! Hopefully someone already put them away. Can't lose them!!
So, I guess I'm not doing too badly for my list. Today's job is a total house tidying so tomorrow we can sweep, dust, mop etc.

I mopped last Saturday because Emma spilled a kg of honey on my floor!! This week I have to mop because Beka decided to "help" with the laundry and dumped about 15 scoops of laundry powder into my washing machine on top of a wet load that was waiting to be hung out. Then she added a bottle of water!!! Some powder was on the floor and thanks to humidity and little feet my floor is a bit slick and yucky!! oh well.

Have a great weekend!

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