Friday, January 16, 2009

Good Friday

well, we had 107 students at VBS today!! Good fun!! and we decided that was close enough to 110 so we put a pie in Pastor Samuel's face too. =) We got the church and school cleaned in record time as we had heaps of helpers who were all dying to go get on the waterslide. I'll have to remember that next time. I'll try to get some VBS pics up in the next week.

When we finally got home at 4:00 this afternoon there were two big boxes sitting on my front porch. Thanks, Mom!! We can begin our next year of homeschooling now =) And she sent heaps of stuff for Catie's birthday party-for some reason we can't get much snowman stuff here. ;o) And she sent the girls some aprons and chef hats. I need to have them do a fashion show of all the dress-ups Mom has made them. And my wonderful Mom sent me some Dr. Pepper lip gloss. 3 different kinds!!! Thank you!! =) She brought me some in August but I can't find which bag I put it in. Now I have one for each bag. =)

Well, I have pork chops and rice in the oven and 3 little girls in the bathtub so I suppose I should do something more worthwhile than reading blogs. Catch you later!!

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