Wednesday, January 19, 2011


so far my "stay home and establish a routine" week has not been successful. =) Church was late on Sunday night so bedtime was late, Beka spent the afternoon in the hospital on Monday and we had dinner with friends and another late bedtime. Went to the doctor for Catie yesterday then over to see the Sauvageot's house-in-progress then dinner with them and another late bedtime. Today I have to take Catie to get blood drawn so Jennie is bringing Ben and Emily over to watch the other 3, then she'll leave Ben and Emily while she goes to a meeting. We're also getting a new fridge delivered today. YAY!! no more leaky non-sealing fridge. Tomorrow should be quiet, Josh and I have Bible study in the evening but hopefully Chantelle can babysit and bedtime should be normal. Friday morning at 9 Beka has an appointment at the fracture clinic. With it being one of the first appointments maybe there will be parking and they will still be on time?? I can always hope! Not sure what the weekend holds but Monday afternoon I have all 3 girls booked in for hearing tests. It'll be good to get the results of that. I'm planning to start schoolwork on Monday as well. And Wednesday is Australia Day and Thursday is Catie's 8th birthday! Maybe it will slow down in February! =)

p.s. wanna see what the grocery shelves looked like last week? check it out

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