Monday, January 17, 2011

oh boy

Grandpa and Grandma stopped by on their way up north for a few weeks to say goodbye to the kids. Emma (who is OVER saying goodbye and VERY tired) started crying. This made Grandma cry. Grandpa went outside to check on something and Catie and Beka followed him. They decided to show him how they climb the mango tree. Beka then proceeded to fall out of the mango tree and hurt her arm. So she was, of course, crying. This upset Catie and she started crying. I snuggled with Beka with an ice pack on her arm and called Josh. By the time he came home she had stopped crying but was very pale. We weren't sure about the arm but decided to put it in a sling and she could ride with Josh to the airport and if she were still in pain he would take her by the hospital. Well, moving her arm/elbow to put it in the sling made her cry again so he decided to take her straight to the hospital. And that's where they are now. oh boy.

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