Monday, January 24, 2011

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The morning didn't start well. I wasn't careful to make sure that the house was tidy last night so we had to start the morning by cleaning up. And I didn't sleep well so was a bit of a cranky mama. I knew we had to get started or it would be worse tomorrow. So we started with a craft project. And it was just what we needed. Got the paintings done and got stuck into the schoolwork. It went really well after that.

This afternoon was hearing tests for all 3 girls. Beka's results were discouraging but nothing more than we expected. Tomorrow we have a dr. visit to talk more about it. And we'll do another hearing test in 10 weeks.

Tomorrow is another busy day. We need to get stamps from the post office to mail off the Christmas thank-yous we wrote last week and a birthday card for a fun little cousin. Then a quick trip to get what I didn't get grocery shopping tonight, a trip to the dr. and off to friends' for a birthday BBQ. Josh is home on Wednesday and I think the girls have plans to talk him into washing the cars. =) Catie's birthday is Thursday and her plans include pancakes for breakfast and mostacioli for dinner with cupcakes for dessert. I need to make a dress between now and Thursday. hmmm...guess I should be working on it now. Maybe I'll give it to her on Sunday at her birthday dinner. =)

Anyway, guess I should do something more worthwhile of my time than watching tv and blog surfing. TTFN!! =)

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Helen said...

Don't you just hate it that all the stuff you "have" to do, gets in the way of all the things you "want" to do - sigh - life is full of responsibilities when all we really want is to lie in a paddock under a shady tree in a broderie anglais (sp?) dress waiting for Mr. Darcy to bring the horses round.......
Hang in there Tamra!!!