Monday, January 31, 2011

Birthday lunch

The "where's my cake board, quick the icing is melting, where's a picture of Bob and Larry, Mom you forgot the noses" version of a veggie tales cake. It was super yummy though.

Uncle Jason




ummm...yes...that's my son

waiting for cake

adults chatting

Bob and Larry--made by Dinah
Bob's nose--made by Vivienne

opening presents

Asher, Nathan and Emily


grammynurse said...

Love the Bob and Larry!! You had a full house. You are amazing. I guess I'm just not a hostess type of person. You take after your Granny. Love you

grammynurse said...

I fogot to mention that I like the cake too. We went over and had Justin's cake. It was good.

Helen said...

Heh heh - like mother, like son!!!