Saturday, January 1, 2011

Christmas Day

We each had a family Christmas at our houses then at 11am we met over at Tasha's for brunch. It was yummy--ham, cinnamon rolls, little sausages wrapped in bacon, egg casserole, fruit, etc. Then we opened the gifts that were given between families. The kids all played really well together and the adults enjoyed fun conversation. Tanya and her family had to leave early to go see Jason's parents. Then Mom and Dad came home. Josh, Phil, Tasha and I played on their new Wii. Then we heard screaming coming from upstairs in the play room where the kids were watching a movie. Somehow Catie stepped on a safety pin and about 1 cm of it was stuck in her foot. So our Christmas time together ended with a bang. =) But she's fine and it was a good day.

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