Monday, January 24, 2011

Back in the swing of things

haha. I'm punny!

Well, today we're starting schoolwork. HBCA doesn't start until Thursday but we decided to start today. The girls were asking to all last week so I might as well do it while they want to. Plus Catie's birthday is on Thursday so we might not even do schoolwork that day. Wednesday is Australia Day so Josh will be home but we will probably still do schoolwork. I spent a few hours last week getting the schoolroom ready and organized. I took the workbooks to McTaggarts Printers here in town and for $22 they chopped all the bindings off. It was $22 well spent so I don't have to tear off several perforated pages per child each school day for the next year. Then I bought file thingies for each girl and put their work in them. I also have a hanging file for each girl with folders for Monday - Friday. That way I can pull out their weekly work and put it there. They can pull out that day's work and put it on their clipboard. And there is room left in their file thingies to put all the completed papers. Hopefully more organization=more getting done. =)

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Vanyah said...

Your blog is AWESOME!!! Loved reading it.... we are on our 100th. day of school and the heat is on for it's 44* love how we are on the same world God made BUT so different. LOVE!!! Thanks for sharing. ;~)