Wednesday, April 22, 2009

veggie garden

my poor cabbage plants are getting eaten. I already lost my broccoli plants.

tiny cucumbers. The girls ate our first full-grown one last night at dinner.

beef steak tomatoes. We needed tomatoes that were easy to slice and use. still growing cherry tomatoes too though. They just won't die. =)

lettuce~we pick the outside leaves almost every day. We've been eating off these plants for a couple weeks now.

this garden is growing better than the other one. It looks overgrown but is doing well. You can see the two types of tomatoes, the lettuce, some corn and along the fence are snow peas.

In the other garden there are actually 3 cucumber plants, more corn, another cherry tomato, one butternut pumpkin/squash plant that is growing really well and one that isn't =), some silverbeet and my poor eaten cabbage plants.

I need to plant some more lettuce so it's grown when these lettuce plants are done. I'm hoping for lots of corn, the plants look much better this time around. Probably due to the nice heavy dew falling every night and the large amount of rain we've had recently.

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grammynurse said...

Good job. I probably missed out on planting again. It was beautiful today, but have no beds ready. Talked about it though.