Wednesday, April 29, 2009


As I sit here and type I am surrounded by chaos. But it is sort of organized chaos. My friend Roseanne has taken the girls home with her and I am trying to get stuff done. Yes, I know that right now I am typing but I needed to sit for a moment.

Anyway, back to the chaos...I am surrounded by piles. Stuff to go to the op shop, rubbish, laundry that is being ignored for the moment, dishes that are waiting for the girls to come home, stuff to go in the school cupboard, stuff that goes back in the craft room once I figure out exactly where and why, VBS stuff, etc. It seems that the mess out here is growing in proportion with the tidying in the craft room. And, as always, it gets worse before it gets better. There are decisions to be made--I love to scrapbook and have heaps of pictures and memorabilia to scrap, but haven't scrapped since Beka was born. What do I keep and what do I toss? At this point, I'm keeping all the pics and memorabilia and papers but getting rid of everything else, i.e. stamps, punches. Fabric, I love fabric but it is piling up around my ears. So, unless I REALLY love it or have a specific purpose for it, it's going. Same with patterns. How many shirts patterns (for me) can I have? And why do they all look the same? I'm a creature of habit I guess. Anyway, getting rid of about half of my patterns. I took all my ribbons out and off their spools, then I rolled them and put them in a container. They take a lot less room now. I gave about half of them away too.

I've recycled at least 1 whole tree in useless papers that I keep for no good reason. WHY??? I keep them for ages only to never use them and end up tossing them. So annoying. My motto is SIMPLIFY. If there isn't much in the room it can't get so messy, right?

Well, I'm back to work on the room. I'll try to post later. I have a funny story about Josh and a mouse. =)


Saminda said...

Wow Tamra, that all sounds exciting. It feels SO good to sort and simplify, doesn't it?!

I wanted to let you know that as of now, we are once-again an officially homeschooling family. ;) I couldn't be happier. I am relieved and excited and just plain happy right now. :)

Also, what have you done with your stamps and punches? I'm just very interested in getting into card-making at the moment and wondered if you have any you'd like to pass on to me (or sell)?

Hope to catch up soon,

grammynurse said...

Like the new pictures. Must be from Gwen from the weekend. I hope youget things just the way you want them. It feels so good to be organized. A lady has given me some material and it is all over my craft room. Then I pulled out other fabric and it is a MESS. Good luck