Monday, April 20, 2009

Sunday Morning

Well, the girls asked for curlers in their hair Saturday night. After scrounging around we found enough to do their hair while it was up in pony tails/pigtails. Then we had a couple minutes before we had to leave for church so I decided to take a couple pics. Catie looks like she has to go to the bathroom in most of these but it's because she kept pulling her dress up to scratch her leg and I wasn't letting her scratch. =) (mean mommy!) I know you can't see the pics too well but click on the last one and look at Catie. She isn't smiling but you can REALLY see her dimples. And did you notice her 2 missing teeth? Yep, that makes 4 total. Emma is almost too big to wear the "wedding dress". They love that dress. I guess it's about time for Beka to start wearing it. Speaking of Beka, she LOVES that dress. She wears it almost every Sunday and would wear all week long if I'd let her. So thank you very much, Mom and Tanya!!

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Anonymous said...

Glad that "wedding dress" is getting such a good wear hey Tamra?