Thursday, April 16, 2009

A lot

okay, so I'm really really bad at communication lately. Here's a quick rundown of the past week.
  • Thursday we were supposed to paint Beka's room. We took the girls to the park for a pancake breakfast and a play on the playground. They got completely soaked going for a walk along the beach. Had to strip them down and wrap them in blankets before we'd let them in the car. Took two wash cycles to get all the sand out of the clothes. Ended up not painting.
  • Friday we had a church service in the morning and then Josh slept all afternoon as he didn't feel well. no painting
  • Saturday we spent the morning getting the paint lightened with more white paint and doing some shopping along with the entire population of Hervey Bay. WHY were they all shopping on Saturday??? Then we started painting Beka's room at about 2:00 in the afternoon. We went out for dinner to KFC and ice creams at McDonald's then dropped the girls off to the S's while we finished the second coat of paint.
  • Sunday got up at 5:45 to get to the beach for the 6:00 Sonrise Service. Helped cook pancakes for the breakfast following. Came home, slept for an hour (girls watched a video) got up, went to church. Went to friends' house for a birthday lunch. Came home and all 5 of us took naps. Went to church in the evening. Then over to S's for dinner.
  • Monday did some cleaning around the house. was mostly lazy. went to S's for dinner and Mexican Train Dominoes. The kids played Cootie bugs.
  • Tuesday took the laundry to the laundry lady. She did 4 loads and I still had 3 loads of towels, jeans, non-dryer stuff here at home. Also went grocery shopping and to Big W. Spent a lot of money. But it doesn't happen often. While at the grocery store Josh talked to the real estate agents. The rental guy came out that afternoon and evaluated the house as a rental.
  • Wednesday Josh worked at the school. The girls painted. (I've got pictures to post). We cleaned the school room and worked on laundry. Had Bible study at the Shellard's.
  • Today Josh took the van in to be serviced. Had the sales guy come out and meet with us for an hour evaluating the house for sale. And now Josh is back at work and the girls are down for naps and I am getting caught up with communications.
So, as you can tell we are again talking about building a house on the land we have in town. We've talked about it before but have never gone so far as to talk to real estate agents about this house. In a perfect world we would get enough money from rent to basically pay off this house in 20-30 years. That's as long as everything goes to plan. Or we could sell this house and probably have enough money to build the new house and owe the bank less than $50,000. Guess which option I like and which option Josh likes!! Either way the timing could be an issue. We could do the minor touch-ups needed and have this place rented out in the next month. Of course then we would have to find somewhere to rent while waiting for the new house. And hope the bank would give us the extra loan for the new house. Or we do the slightly more major touch-ups needed for sale and put it on the market in the next month and around here the average is 3-4 months for sale. Which would mean moving either in the last month of pregnancy or the first few months with a newborn. And still needing to find a place to rent until the new house was built. (unless this house sold to an investor and we could rent here as needed.) Anyway, lots of things to talk about/decisions to be made.

I've got pictures of Beka's room but since we don't know what we're doing at the moment I haven't put up the wall paper border yet. So the pics are boring. =) I'll post pics of the girls painting though.

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Saminda said...

So nice to read this post, Tamra! I've been thinking about you a lot lately, wondering how you guys are going. Sounds like you're doing well.
House plans all sound exciting. How wonderful to have land to build a brand new house on! My guess is Josh wants to rent out your place, and you'd like to sell it. Am I right?
Anyway, hope to see you sometime. We are going to be homeschooling in term 3 (and maybe from then on, hoping hoping hoping....) so maybe we'll be able to get together more!