Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Holidays Day 2 & 3

So, I don't have pics at the moment but yesterday Josh mowed the lawn, used the whipper snipper/weed eater, trimmed hedges, etc. And I got started on Christmas presents!! I know, I know!! But I might as well do them while I'm feeling the urge to be creative and while I have a bit of time as I'm thinking I might be a bit busy after August. (also, this way I can indulge my cheap side and send them back with mom and dad. ;o) )

Today Josh built a computer, mowed the school/church yards and stripped the wall paper border from Beka's walls. (which turned out to be surprisingly easy considering back when we put it up Josh didn't trust my years of wallpapering with mom and wouldn't believe that pre-pasted meant wet it and stick it up. Instead he used glue. Should be interesting if he'll trust me this time when we put up the new border. Anyway, I read on the internet to use hot water mixed with vinegar and soak the wallpaper before peeling it. It worked. I should add that to my uses for vinegar post.) And I cleaned out our linen cupboard. Now half of it is empty since I gave/threw away so much stuff. YAY!!

Tomorrow is painting day. Anyone want to babysit?? =)