Saturday, July 16, 2011

days three and four

On Monday we went to visit Gallo Dairyland with the Blackmans. We saw them making chocolate and making cheese. There was an animal nursery and one of the calves decided to try eating Catie's jacket. They also had a viewing area so you could watch them milk all 270 cows. They milk at 3:00pm so Josh and the girls didn't get back to see that until the day before we left to come home. No pictures of that though. =( That night the kids and Dave and Grandpa played a round of Mexican Train Dominoes. The next morning the Blackmans packed up in the rain and left to go on up to the tip of Australia. Nathan loved having Asher and the other boys around. He constantly wanted Asher to hold him. The rest of our day consisted of playing around the house and taking laundry to the laundromat to be dried. woo hoo! exciting stuff =)

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