Tuesday, July 19, 2011

day seven

We drove down the range to Cairns. Reminded me of going to visit my grandparents in the mountains in Arkansas. We stopped at a lookout and it feels so strange to be up on the mountain and having a view of the ocean. The girls were all in the truck ahead of us with Grandpa. We saw this beautiful rainbow. I know it looks a bit ordinary in the photo but that was through the windscreen in a moving car. It was such brilliant colours and looked like it was only a metre or two off the road.

The reason for going down to Cairns was to check out the auction. The kids only lasted an hour or so but Floyd was there until mid-afternoon. The girls were fascinated by the auctioneer's speech. They couldn't believe he could talk that fast and kept asking what he was saying. All I could really understand was the dollar amount. =) Anyway, we went and checked out a couple shops then headed back to Atherton. It was the first day with little rain and the kids went out to feed the cows and check out the barn. They loved those cows. They had all of them, even the bull, eating out of their hands. As you can see from the last two pictures it was still quite chilly of an evening. The girls loved having Grandma read to them every night before bed.

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