Tuesday, July 19, 2011

days eight and nine

Saturday was the first day that Gwen didn't have to work. We didn't choose a very good time to visit as the first week was the last week of June and thus, the end of the financial year. So Gwen was very busy with work. Anyway, on Saturday we headed out to see some of the local sights. The first stop was in a field to see the "dancing brolgas". These birds come here to mate every season. The are big water birds more likely found in the outback. The males can be up to 1.5 metres tall. We couldn't get really close to them for a picture. But it was fun to see them in the fields. We were amazed to see a huge flock of ducks in the field where we were too. After this stop we went to visit the curtain fig tree. I'm sure by looking that you can figure out why it's called the "curtain" fig tree. After that we went for a drive and visited Lakes Eacham and Barrine. Lake Eacham had lots of fish and turtles to check out. We also found it amusing that there were cement steps with a railing leading down into the water. It was just strange looking. When we reached Lake Barrine it was raining quite hard. So we had a quick look around and read up on some of the logging info then hopped back in the cars and went home. The girls found it more fun to ride with Grandma and Grandpa the whole time we were out being tourists. Josh and I had to get used to a quiet car. Well, as quiet as it was with Nathan singing his little heart out. =)

On Sunday after church we got chips and scallops and went up to Hallorans Hill for lunch. You could see a lot of stuff from up there and there was also a bit of information about the history of the area too. One of the sights to see was Mt. Uncle and Mt. Aunt. =) I'm not sure what the pictures are of but they are from up there.

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