Monday, July 25, 2011


I totally have ADD lately. I want to craft and decorate but nothing holds my interest for long. It has to be all short instant gratification projects. I still have pictures from our trip to post. And I have pictures from other random things too. But here's a little look at what life has been like the last couple weeks
  • appliqued 3 t-shirts for Nathan
  • made a blanket for the baby.
  • made 2 nappies and wipes cases
  • started using PACE's for our history curriculum. I just can't find one that I like and is easy to use.
  • Emma, the non-reader, LOVES to read her Social Studies. She reads it on her own and reads the questions and answers them on her own too. can't read? whatever!
  • got a haircut/trim today. just a couple inches off the length and a few layers. makes a big difference in how it feels though
  • Got Catie's hair cut today. About 5 inches off the length and she asked for a fringe (bangs). I'll have to get a photo.
  • Changed all the photos in the frames in the front room. And bought another frame that I have to find photos for. =)
  • Finished the Christmas vinyl decorations that Josh got for his birthday.
  • moved the bookshelf from the living room to the school room.
  • got the school room completely cleaned up.
  • got out all the various containers of clothes from around the house and organized them all.
  • very tempted to wash all the cute little baby stuff. But will probably wait another month or two.
  • Had the dreaded glucose test at the hospital this morning. That stuff is nasty. Then went to Big W and HBW and then to get my haircut. When I got home Josh and the girls had done schoolwork and tidied up the mess from the weekend!! So nice to walk into a clean house. Thanks, honey!! (I know you check up on me!)
  • Got all but the yoke of Beka's birthday dress done one night last week. But it's just been sitting there ever since. Oh well, I still have 2 months until her birthday. =)
  • wrapped Nate's birthday presents.
  • made two birthday presents for girls at church.
  • got a couple more things sorted for VBS.
  • ordered a bunch of stuff from walmart for Mom to bring over with her.
  • ordered books for Catie from the book depository. (I can't keep enough books in this house for her. and the selection at the library leaves much to be desired.)
  • moved furniture around after moving the bookshelf out (well, Josh moved the bookshelf. it's heavy! the furniture I moved was easy to slide.)
  • moved the furniture back to its original spots cuz it just fits better.
  • set up savings accounts for the kids
ummm...I think that's about it. of course we've been doing schoolwork and keeping the house tidy, etc. I'm ready to give up on cooking though. I botched a batch of choc chip cookies. It's the recipe I've been making for YEARS. I swear I followed the recipe and yet it still turned out weird. And the same with beef stroganoff. How do I mess stuff up when I follow the recipe and have been doing so for years?? uggghhh...I think I'll stick with stuff the kids can make. Tonight is homemade pizza. Hopefully it turns out well. =)


Kay said...

Tamra, You have accomplished SO much, makes ke feel very slack! Sonlight has THE best history program.....just saying :-) I love it!

Saminda said...

Wow, isn't it amazing how productive you can see you've been when you write it all down like that?! Amazing. :)
And I totally hear you on the books crisis - it's the same here with Saraya. She has cleaned up the appropriate books at the library (ours too leaves much to be desired), and is working her way quickly through the school library. She and the librarian have become fast friends! ;)
Not sure if you've visited my blog lately - but I'm back into regular blogging again. Would love to catch up sometime. xx