Sunday, July 17, 2011

days five and six

I don't recall doing anything on Wednesday. Well, we did make our daily trip into the laundromat to dry laundry. It rained all that first week and we only had 3 outfits each so I needed to keep up with the laundry.And Nathan found ways of amusing himself. He loved to put all the drinks on that mat. We were afraid he was going to roll them down the ramp. And he enjoyed watching Boz on my laptop.
On Thursday we took the kids to a shop in town called The Crystal Caves. We got to put on hardhats with lights and go look at these rooms that had been made to look like caves with crystals and fossils all through them. The pictures don't really convey how cool everything looked because you can't see it well without a flash and the flash washes everything out. The star of the show was the HUGE amethyst geode. The girls loved it.

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